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Lorraine Herrera

Lorraine is a self-taught painter with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. She is also a lead guitarist who has toured Europe twice and the East/MidWest of the United States with various bands.

As a child who was brought up on the welfare system without much access to art or literature, a museum trip was usually a rare occasion reserved for school trips if money for the trip was available. For Lorraine, love for the arts came later in college and after marriage and two children. Actually making art came even later in 2019, out of Lorraine’s inability to squash the urge any longer.

About her process, Lorraine says: “The creative process is as haphazard as the journey to art was for me. It’s all about what speaks to me in the moment without regard to style, genre, or color. For me, as I’m sure it is for many, art is expression based on experiences, no matter what form it takes and how I express it.”

Lorraine’s paintings have been in juried and non-juried shows in Pennsylvania and Colorado. She has produced commissioned paintings and continues to accept commission work.

Lorraine is a member of the Littleton Fine Arts Guild, Aurora Fine Arts Guild and the Denver Arts Society

Our Community Partner

THAC’s Stanton Art Gallery is curated by the Littleton Fine Arts Guild. Exhibits complement and run in conjunction with our Main Stage productions. The Guild’s home is the Depot Art Gallery & Caboose — a restored railroad station — at 2069 W. Powers Ave., in Littleton. For more information, visit

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