The Last Session

November 3, 2023 – November 12, 2023

“ …biting humor… incredible music. Guaranteed to move you both musically and emotionally.” -MTV Online

Gideon is an ex-Gospel-singer-turned-pop-sensation whose star has
begun to fade. Buddy is a small-town Gospel singer with big-city dreams of following in Gideon’s footsteps. He’s idolized Gideon throughout his entire young life, and envied Gideon’s career path. When Gideon invites his former bandmates to record one final record, Buddy crashes the party to meet his hero. But as we all know, sometimes meeting your heroes isn’t all you expect it to be. Sometimes, it’s even more powerful.

The Last Session is a “hilarious and heartbreaking,” semi-autobiographical musical about an aging popstar whose secret plans to end his experience with HIV by taking his own life are derailed when friendship, love, and music show up just in time!

The Last Session
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