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Faith Siobahn Ford

Name: Faith Siobahn Ford
DOB: December 2nd, 1993
Hometown: Loveland, CO
Education: Double Bachelors in Theatre and Psychology from University of Northern Colorado
Day Job: Starbucks and Noodles 

Off-Time: Hanging out with friends
Season: Fall
Movie: Tarzan
Musical: Dear Evan Hansen
Color: PINK
Animal: Dogs
Book: The Girls Guide To Hunting and Fishing
Band: I listen to everything. Current favs are Ariana Grande and The Hunna
Song: Current fav is Breathin by Ariana Grande
Beverage: Chai tea or a good ol margarita 

Cats or Dogs? DOGS
Beer or Wine? Wine, or a good sour beer
Sweet of Sour? Sour
Mild or Spicy? Spicy
Coffee or Tea? Tea
Piercings or Tattoos? Piercings
FroYo or Ice Cream? Icecream
Boxers or Briefs? I wear boxers when I perform drag
City or Suburbs? City
Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Netflix or Hulu? Netflix
Early Bird or Night Owl? Night Owl (which causes me many issues working at Starbucks opening shift)

Are we the waiting? Yes. We are always waiting for something.
When life hands you lemons? Make the most of it.
Who do you admire most? Everyone who has been a huge support to me over the last couple months
What is your biggest fear? Not fulfilling my dreams.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Living in NY, healthy, and being a full time actress.
What is one thing on your “bucket” list? Go skydiving!
What is the most rewarding advice you’ve received? Everything has been said before, but never by you.
Can we follow you? FB? Twitter? Instagram? Of course! @Faithsiobahn is my in for just about everything! (links: FBTwitterInstagram)
Why see American Idiot? This is a stellar cast and we have truly created something special for everyone. Also, we will rage hard, rock your faces off, and hopefully bring some awareness to the world in it’s current state. Things haven’t changed too much since I was 9 years old when this album came out. I hope this show starts a conversation about how far we have to go.


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