Scrooge’s Father/Mr Smythe/Ensemble – Gabriel Morales

Gabriel Morales

DOB: July 10th
Hometown: I’ve lived here the longest so I guess Denver it is.
Education: Attended Colorado Christian University and the Los Angeles Film Studies Center
Day Job: Administrative Assistant/Receptionist at two local radio stations

Holiday Tradition: Making pancakes for breakfast for the family while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade or Disney’s Christmas Parade on TV

Off-Time: ​Summer
Season: Summer
Movie: Clueless
Musical: So many to choose from!
Color: Electric Blue
Animal: Snoopy
Book: “Diane: A Signature Life” by Diane von Furstenberg
Band: Not going to lie, I was totally into early 90’s bands
Song: “if It’s Over” by Mariah Carey
Beverage: Diet Coke, Kombucha or any Yerba Matte flavor

Past, Present, or Future? Present

Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Beer or Wine? Wine
Sweet or Sour? both
Mild or Spicy? Spicy
Coffee or Tea? Tea
Piercings or Tattoos? None
FroYo or Ice Cream? FroYo
City or Country? City
Coke or Pepsi? I like both
Netflix or Hulu? Netflix
Early Bird or Night Owl? Most definitely a Night Owl

When life hands you lemons? Be like Beyoncé and make Lemonade

Who do you admire most? My parents – they definitely thought us the value of hard work
What is your biggest fear? Regret
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hopefully back in California doing shows there as well
What is one thing on your “bucket” list? Go traveling through Europe  
What is the most rewarding advice you’ve received? Just trust that you are enough.  You’ve done the work, now let it show.
Why see A Christmas Carol? It’s a show that will definitely get you in the holiday spirit. It’s also a great reminder to be kind to all of those you encounter in life, as well as those around you, as one never knows when we will need a helping hand.

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