Colorado Thespian Convention / Thescon 2020

Thescon 2020

The 2020 Colorado Thespian Virtual Conference begins December 10, 2020. This year, the conference is virtual and will reach hundreds of theatre educators and thousands of theatre students across Colorado and Wyoming.

The event is one of the largest Educational Theatre Events in the United States, and provides a great opportunity to connect with theater students and educators.

Town Hall Arts Center has long been a supporter of Thescon and this year, we are proud to sponsor the opening ceremonies of the virtual convention. For more information, visit the Thescon website.

THACED: Superhero Support Group

Hello THAC Friends & Followers!

The Town Hall Arts Center Education Department is gearing up for a grueling week of performances! Starting with a very special performance from our Super Hero Support Group Class Today, Monday 4/20 – these 3-5 graders have been hard at work since February learning and practicing the fundamental techniques of stage acting, public speaking, and improvisation. I had the chance to speak with class Instructor LuAnn Buckstein who says,

What a creative group!  These kids have been working on developing a character and trying to make them bigger than life. They surprise and delight me with their spontaneity  and inventive perspectives.  I love working with these “Super” kids!”

Check out my photos with LuAnn, her TA Alyssa James, and our little starlet students below, and don’t miss their performance TONIGHT – MONDAY 4/20  (6:00) pm at Town Hall Arts Center. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates about THAC Education. Cheers!




Super Hero Support Gallery: