Happy Friday THAC Friends & Followers!
It’s been a while since I’ve seen a submission for our Volunteer Recognition Program. I just want to say thank you so much for all that you do for Town Hall! Check out our April 2016 #OFFSTAGESTARS  below! And don’t forget to recognize your #OFFSTAGESTARS at: townhallartscenter.org/offstagestars/

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“I wanted to recognize one of our volunteers who seems to always do just a little bit more. Not only did she volunteer the most hours over our last season, she also attends every opening night performance and stays after the show to help bar tend (with her faithful side kick Barbara Gabriele) the after-party which can sometimes run until midnight. However, it’s the little bit more things that this person does for our theater that I want to recognize. It’s her taking the time to come in and pick up the volunteer vest and take them home, clean them, press them and remove all the nubbies so they are clean and fresh for our next season. She took the time to make pouches to wear around our necks for our walkies talkies and made beaded elastic bands for our flashlights. And now with our upcoming season she has volunteered to help sew, mend, altar and repair a lot of the costumes for our Shrek performance that came to us in pretty bad shape. These are just a few of the extra things that I am aware of personally from this person and I wanted to let her know how thankful we all are for her thoughtfulness, kindness and taking HER time to make a difference for all of us. So with that said, I want to recognize Dororthy Mauro as an “Offstage Star”. Thank you Dorothy!!
-Nannette Brown, House Manager

“Ann LeMoine is always helping!”
-Sharron Regenthal, Volunteer 

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