There is just something about a live band, and you are missing it if you don’t come to see a show at Town Hall with Donna Debreceni directing at the keyboards!

Donna has been swinging and rocking Nick Sugar’s shows at Town Hall for quite a few years now. She is having a blast guffawing through Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and is thrilled to be reunited with Nick, an amazing production team, the ever wonderful A-Team Band, and a stellar cast!  A few past Town Hall favorites include HAIR, RENT, Cabaret, Forever Plaid, Bat Boy, Chicago and The Who’s Tommy.

This time around Donna is joined by Bob Rebholz on Reeds. Bob graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, He’s played and recorded with national artist’s, Peter Kater, Images, DKO. Toured Europe with Tom Jones, as well as played in sections with Nancy Wilson, James Taylor, Chicago, Natalie Cole, The Temptations, Four Tops.  Bob recently participated on the 2012 Grammy Award nominated recording Jumping Jazz Kids-A Swinging Jungle Tale.  He doubles on all Saxophones, Flutes and EWI.  He’s currently on the faculty of the Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts (CCJA), working as a musical mentor for kids 7-12th grade.

Pete Lewis is the Reeds/Alternate. Pete is an Illinois native and has settled in the Denver area via Chicago, Portland, and Oakland. He has arranged and composed music for jazz ensembles, concert bands, and sax quartets. He has performed with the Joe Henderson Big Band, Natalie Cole, Tony Bennett, the 4 Tops, the Temptations, Linda Ronstadt, Ben Folds the Colorado and Philadelphia Orchestras. He established the Colorado Saxophone Quartet that has performed classical and jazz compositions throughout the western states. Their latest release is “12 Preludes and Fugues” written by Mike Pagan for the quartet. Pete has also released two jazz CDs: Expeditions by the Lewis/Church Quintet and King of Hearts from his jazz-fusion ensemble, Polarity. His latest compositional project is Eight Contemporary Jazz Duets for Saxophone and Rhythm Section.

Scott Alan Smith is back on Bass/Guitars. Scott is an author, teacher, videographer, musician, producer, and performer and has been playing guitar/bass in local music productions since 1986.  Scott taught guitar/banjo at Swallow Hill for three years and then guitar at Regis University for 15 years.  He has three CDs of original instrumental music and a couple of music books to his credit, and an acoustic jazz/classical ensemble called ONSOMBLEY.

Lastly, but not least, Larry Ziehl (Percussion) back at THAC, and playing with his good friends again. When not on this stage, you can usually find him performing around town with a number of different groups including Standard Deviations, Captain Quirk (and the cosmic rangers), and of course Lannie Garrett in her Patsy Decline Show.

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