Arts on the Move

Participation Plays

For assemblies between 40-250 students

These are our most popular program for grades K-5.  These short plays (lasting between 30 and 45 minutes) are ideal for introducing students to the magic of theater.  Our professional storyteller will introduce students to the theater basics and then select students from the audience to play roles in our performance!  Each selected student will get a costume piece and will be directed by our story teller as a part of the play.  Students not brought up on stage still play a large and active role!  Lots of audience responses and participation in every play.  No rehearsal is necessary, as the storyteller will feed each actor their lines as the play progresses.  Our classic fairy tales teach valuable lessons about sharing, acceptance, bullying and much more.

These participation plays can come to your location or be done as part of a field trip to Town Hall.  When you come to our theater, your participation play will be performed on our main stage (where our professional performances happen) with lighting effects.  Field trips to Town Hall also include a post-show question and answer session and a full tour of our facilities where students will see sets, props, and lights currently in use for Town Hall’s professional performances and even tour one of our dressing rooms!

SAMPLE OFFERINGS (we make regular updates to our list):

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (Grade Pre K-Grade 4 or mixed)
Treasure Island (Grade 3-Grade 5 or mixed)
Christmas Carol (Grade 1-Grade 5 or mixed) Seasonal
Cinderella (Grade Pre-K-Grade 3)
Alice in Wonderland (Grade 1-5 or mixed)
The Case of Little Red Riding Hood (Grade K-2)

Pricing and Availability

Due to COVID-19, THAC will be reimagining the normal in-person interactive model. Until further notice our Summer 2020 season will not be offered in-person. We will move to an online option in July 2020. We are cautiously optimistic about the fall and will update our course offerings once we have that information. We have outlined a 3-phase plan below.

Phase 1 
We will begin offering a virtual AOTM to groups and schools. We will send out a cast list and a list of props that can be made by your group in advance to prepare for the virtual experience.
Cost: $125

Phase 2 
Small groups on location with distancing rules. When this is appropriate we will look at booking small groups.
Cost: $225

Phase 3
We will be able to offer our in-house programs for groups of 50 or less while following any distancing rules in effect.
Cost: $375

Participation Plays are offered year round and can be performed for groups as small as 15 students with no upper limit.  Our theater seats 250, so group size is not an issue.

Groups Under 50 StudentsFlat Fee: $325
Groups Over 50 Students $7 Per Student

Teachers and chaperones are complimentary (one complimentary teacher for every 10 students). Reduced rates and group pricing for Participation Plays may be available on a case-by-case basis. Please call us for more information.

Book Arts on the Move

For more information on booking a field trip, workshop, or school visit, please contact Robert Michael Sanders, Education Manager, via email or by calling 303.794.2787, ext. 217.