So it’s Friday and there are two more weekends left of ‘Grease.’ If things are going good the phone in the box office should be ringing with people calling to purchase tickets for the weekend. Today has been a little quiet. The good news is that we have already sold a lot of tickets for ‘Grease.’ Wait…it sounds like things are picking up out there. Don’t hesitate to call or purchase tickets on our website if you would still like to see ‘Grease.’

So it’s Friday in the theatre and there are two more weekends left of ‘Grease,’ but most of us behind the scenes already started working on the next production, ‘Oliver.’ It is pretty quiet. The phone rings, an occasional patron comes in to buy tickets. I can hear the occaisonal bumps and thumps and power tools as the tech crew works on building the set for ‘Oliver.’ It kind of feels like the calm before the storm on Fridays. If I stay here late enough, things start to pick up. The night crew and volunteers start to arrive. The production crew and actors start to arrive. And of course eventually patrons start to arrive. The whole theatre comes to life.

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