We are just starting to catch our breath after a hectic week of performances.  Our students blew the audiences away with performances of “Finding Nemo”, “Ella Enchanted” and “Harry Potter” over the last week.

This week we have schools from all over Denver coming to be a part of the “Participation Christmas Carol” where the audience plays roles ranging from adorable Tiny Tim to the terrifying Ghost of Christmas Future.  Of course, we have our own take on the classic tale and everyone, including the audience, joins in to teach our silly sour Scrooge a lesson!  We are still taking bookings for schools and groups, so call in.

Our Spring schedule is out and ready and we have a few new changes that we think will make for easier sign-ups, better classes, and more fun for everyone.  Our classes will now be divided up by grade-level so that everyone gets to work with peers closer to their own age.  So our class for the youngest students (a celebration of the splendiferous Roald Dahl) will be for grades K-2.  Our next section is for grades 3 – 5, and it will be their turn to put on a little bit older “Finding Nemo”, this time with all of Disney and Pixar’s trademark sarcasm and irony.  Fun for the kids, even more fun for the adults who come to watch!

Our “Harry Potter” class is going to be very exciting this Spring as we bring you “The Half-Blood Prince” for the first time!  Students in grades 5 – 7 will learn to “apparate” and take on a much more grown up and serious time at Hogwarts.

And we aren’t done with the big plans.  Our “Acting Up! — Theater Workshop for Teens” is going for 12 weeks this time, instead of the usual 10.  That is because they will be creating their own musical!  Students in grades 6 – 12 will choose their own music and then write and direct their own show that incorporates their choices.  It is going to be a lot of work and a lot of fun.  We can’t wait to see the result, because nobody knows what it will be!

We have an exciting Spring lineup ahead of us and are already planning for summer shenanigans complete with Shakespeare, comedy, camera work, and another full musical like last summer’s huge hit, “Once on This Island”.  No, really, we’re still trying to get those songs out of our heads.

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