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Today we get to know Ms Carolyn Lohr, leading the production of West Side Story as Maria! To get a feel for how this gorgeous talent has stolen our hearts on the main stage this season, check out our Q&A below… Cheers!





Carolyn Lohr

Carolyn Lohr as Maria

Carolyn Lohr as Maria


Name: Carolyn Cecelia Lohr (or CC)

DOB: 12/12/85

Hometown: Sioux City, Iowa

Education: BA Music Performance/ BA Theatre from Briar Cliff University, MA Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Denver

Day Job: 1st-grade Teacher at Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy


Color: “and it was all…YELLOW”

Movie: What Dreams May Come (R.I.P. Robin)

Animal: …absolutely any animal besides a cat

Book: The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie (I’m sure that sounds disturbing if you’re not familiar with the book!)

Band: Martin Sexton (solo artist)

Song: There’s a gorgeous symphonic piece from the City of Angels  soundtrack (yes, the one with Nicholas Cage) by the same name – it pulls on my heart strings!

Musical: by far…no contest… West Side Story

Food: I’m mildly obsessed with fresh pineapple

Smell: peony flowers or lilacs

Beverage: depends on the time of day…

Season: Today was pretty idyllic – today I’m digging late summer/early fall

Holiday: Halloween! Growing up, my parents  hosted big, obnoxious, themed Halloween parties. I usually have my costume planned a year in advance! 🙂 Plus my little first graders  really pull out all the stops – our Halloween parade is always a highlight of the year.

Pastime: besides theatre? running, volleyball


Dogs or Cats? As stated before: DOGS!

Lover or Fighter? Lover

Boxers or Briefs? Boxer briefs!

Sweet or Sour? Sweeeeeet (Caroline… ba ba baaaa)

Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt? Ice Cream

Spring or Fall? Spring for the summer-vacation anticipation; Fall for the beauty

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset

Beach or Pool? Beach

Sharks or Jets? I’m so conflicted!


Do you feel pretty? …and dizzy… and fizzy… and fine!

When life hands you lemons? Boost the ol’ immune system – no prayer of hitting that high C with a chest cold!

You’re stranded on a deserted island… What two items do you bring? ukulele and a knife

How long have you been performing? 3rd grade – I performed in the play, “Cupivac.” My third-grade teacher gave me a copy of the script when I graduated with my Theatre degree.

What’s your favorite role that you’ve played? Maria!

What’s your dream role to be cast? Can I say Maria again? “I’ll never stop saying… Maria!”

Who is your hero? Biggest inspiration? My teacher colleagues and all heros. My grandpa is my hero. I draw a great deal of inspiration from my students, family, and my boyfriend.

Where are you in 10 years? I’ve been staring at this question for a solid five minutes. Moving on… 

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Why see West Side Story? How is the story relevant today?  West Side Story is, in my very unyielding opinion, the greatest musical of all time! The story will always be relevant, because  whatever manifestation of fear we face as a society, love will always attempt to rise above the chaos and inspire joy. <3 

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