Last night I came to the ‘Guys & Dolls’ dress rehearsal. I try to do this for every show so I can take some great photos of the show before there is an audience. It’s easier to ¬†move around the theatre for some great shots. So, I’m a completely biased opinion, but I loved the show! And I only saw the first act. This show has it all…terrific talent, costumes, choreography, music, set, props…..etc. Yes I am biased, working here and all, but director, Bob Wells has put together a great cast and crew and the result is a great show!
First there is the live ‘nag’ at the beginning. This is the part where you are reminded to turn off your cell phones etc. Jim Miller, Rich Cadwallader and Matt LaFontaine turn this nag into hilarious entertainment. These three are terrific throughout the show with wonderful animated expressions and actions. Add to that Scott McLean as Nathan Detroit and Heather Doris as Adelaide. You can’t help but love them. And oh, the amazing singing talent of Elisa Spencer as Sarah Brown and David Ambroson as Sky Masterson! Everyone in the cast was wonderful. (See more of the photos I took at

Jim Miller also brings his talent to the costumes. They are perfect and blend nicely with the set, designed by our favorite set designer, Tina Anderson. Kay Chambers, is the properties designer that brings those wonderful special touches to the set, like the authentic magazines on the news stand. And don’t forget all the award winning talent running the show….director Bob Wells, music director, Donna Debreceni and choreographer, Kelly Kates.
Okay, I am biased, but I still think you will love this show!

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